Tuesday, 15 March 2011

So Long

Man it's been waaaay to long that i have not posted, maybe its blogger :B

But yes along with lots of things at least i have been adding updates to the gallery pages. Not much! but still some as i don't get as much artwork done as i would like.
A mixture of baaaad artist block and lack of motivation have added to that ;^.^ I have a new domain that i purchased for another design label i have been working on as i have a big fat folder full of art i have never published publicly here or DeviantArt [which is pretty much left for dead most of the time]

A lot of my spare time [when i get it!!] has actually been spent writing :O Shocker i know! I seen to have been once again bitten [or graced] by the writing fairy!!! which can be both good and bad as when I'm in work i tend to zone out and mentally begin writing hehe

I wish to do a massive overhaul on this site in particular as i don't feel its professional enough, to be honest its down right silly looking @.@ and its all thanks to my lazy nature :B

So once again watch this space!!

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