Sunday, 9 October 2011


Well the start of the new Daemoniac label is up and running now on word press. if you want to check it out please visit HERE so untill i sort out some space please keep checking the gallery here or even twitter @Daemoniac

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

So Long

Man it's been waaaay to long that i have not posted, maybe its blogger :B

But yes along with lots of things at least i have been adding updates to the gallery pages. Not much! but still some as i don't get as much artwork done as i would like.
A mixture of baaaad artist block and lack of motivation have added to that ;^.^ I have a new domain that i purchased for another design label i have been working on as i have a big fat folder full of art i have never published publicly here or DeviantArt [which is pretty much left for dead most of the time]

A lot of my spare time [when i get it!!] has actually been spent writing :O Shocker i know! I seen to have been once again bitten [or graced] by the writing fairy!!! which can be both good and bad as when I'm in work i tend to zone out and mentally begin writing hehe

I wish to do a massive overhaul on this site in particular as i don't feel its professional enough, to be honest its down right silly looking @.@ and its all thanks to my lazy nature :B

So once again watch this space!!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Spiffing up!

A little bit here and a little bit there i have been spiffing up the site but yet more is still to come!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Well aside from updating here and there with random sprinklings of art and writing i think i have been slowly working towards what and where i want to be with regards to '2' of the many projects i have.

One is still un-named but the other 'DEADEYES' is probably my main focus, being that it in the beginning was created for the reading of one of my younger family members on the subject of dark fantasy which she loves so much.

Fingers crossed i will start to once again pump out chapters like i used too. My recent trip to France, Normandy at St Auban Sur Mer has given me a boost of ideas for my writing and art.

Watch this space :P

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

OMGAWD like yeh i am slow on updates but hey! i made the gallery didn't i??
WELL latest news is soon there will be yet one more sister site and its name is!! TALKMANGA omgosh!! the site is still in el constructionao which with me being the one with the construction plans it may take a little bit of time seeing as i have to wake up the part of my brain that deals with making sites and man has that part been asleep for a looooong time!


Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Slowly Slowly

Uploaded a few more pictures to the gallery, some that I had forgotten to load the first time and some I have never uploaded before. So if you like please check it out by clicking on the Art button below or just click on art lol.

So far the DEADEYES© is still going ahead, as for its site page i still have nothing much to place on it as regards to information yet so it will remain as a static page for the time being.

As will NightKing. The project i'm most keen about at the moment still does not have a name. I'm being very picky and careful with this particular project, mainly because its somthing i have wanted to get down on paper for a while and mostly because the main character 'Vicious' has a lot of my other original character 'BlackDog' in her but with massice personality differences, enough so you could see the difference.

And thats it for now really, i will start releasing more in the way of my written gear to hopefully let you guys in on what i've been harping on about for quite some time now! bu bai!

- Vicious -

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

SlideBar into hell!

Ok so I officially hate slidebars. Their drawn greyness dominates a page whether you like it or not. As I have said before I aint much of a web code type person so if I can’t cut n paste in between tags and somehow use the proverbial duct tape to shuffle things together then I don’t want to know!

This is probably why I left the geeks behind at Uni, don’t get me wrong they kicked ass in a none psychical way of course but it seems my brain is not geared to sit and ponder over something that ‘in my head’ should be as easy as ‘make that there green’

Alas not is all lost, maybe one day in the near future a synapse will randomly fire and I will get rid of the grey or then again that synapse might just shrivel up and die…

Ta ta!