Wednesday, 18 March 2009

SlideBar into hell!

Ok so I officially hate slidebars. Their drawn greyness dominates a page whether you like it or not. As I have said before I aint much of a web code type person so if I can’t cut n paste in between tags and somehow use the proverbial duct tape to shuffle things together then I don’t want to know!

This is probably why I left the geeks behind at Uni, don’t get me wrong they kicked ass in a none psychical way of course but it seems my brain is not geared to sit and ponder over something that ‘in my head’ should be as easy as ‘make that there green’

Alas not is all lost, maybe one day in the near future a synapse will randomly fire and I will get rid of the grey or then again that synapse might just shrivel up and die…

Ta ta!

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