Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Slowly Slowly

Uploaded a few more pictures to the gallery, some that I had forgotten to load the first time and some I have never uploaded before. So if you like please check it out by clicking on the Art button below or just click on art lol.

So far the DEADEYES© is still going ahead, as for its site page i still have nothing much to place on it as regards to information yet so it will remain as a static page for the time being.

As will NightKing. The project i'm most keen about at the moment still does not have a name. I'm being very picky and careful with this particular project, mainly because its somthing i have wanted to get down on paper for a while and mostly because the main character 'Vicious' has a lot of my other original character 'BlackDog' in her but with massice personality differences, enough so you could see the difference.

And thats it for now really, i will start releasing more in the way of my written gear to hopefully let you guys in on what i've been harping on about for quite some time now! bu bai!

- Vicious -

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